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Q– I am planning on putting my house on the market shortly. Should I wait until I get a buyer or should I contact my Solicitor now to prepare the paperwork? What documents will I need? A – There is now a long list of documents required to enable your Solicitor prepare acceptable contracts and

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Q?  Are these Allsops Auctions still going on? Are there other similar National Auctions? Is there anything that I should watch out for over and above what needs to be checked in a normal property purchase? Yes, the Allsops Auctions are continuing regularly as before. While many of the properties on offer at these auctions

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My application with the Injuries Board has been released, but I’m not sure why. What should I do now? The Personal Injuries Assessment Board (PIAB) also known as The Injuries Board is a statutory body which is the first forum that deals with most cases where you are looking for compensation for personal injuries arising

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Stone Solicitors has retained its Gold Star rating for risk management with The Institute of Legal Research and Standards for the sixth year running. Stone Solicitors achieved the highest possible overall score this year for the third year running and are the only law firm in Ireland to have done so. The Q6000 is a

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Q I run my business through a limited liability company and just heard about the new Companies Act 2014. I understand that it runs to hundreds of pages. What are the important issues that might affect me? You are correct. The new Act runs to almost 1,500 sections and whilst its object was to simplify

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I am just about to open a new business and am taking on 3 new employees. Can you give me a few pointers as to what legal issues I need to consider? EMPLOYEES- The Terms of Employment (Information) Act 1994 requires that employees must be issued, within two months of the commencement of their employment,