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Stone Solicitors has retained its Gold Star rating for risk management with The Institute of Legal Research and Standards for the fifth year running. Stone Solicitors achieved the  highest possible overall score this year for the second year running and are the only law firm in Ireland to have done so. The Q6000 is a

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1.    If a person dies without having made a will (intestate), his /her assets will pass to the next of kin- usually their closest relatives. In the case of a married man/woman with children , the surviving spouse takes two-thirds, the children one-third between them. 2.    If a widow or widower dies without making a

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Q – My partner has died recently – I had been living with him in his house for the last eight years.  He was previously married but divorced and has two adult children from that relationship.  He became seriously ill two years ago and I changed from full time to part time work to look

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Q?. My house is at the end of a long laneway. I don’t own the laneway but have always understood that I had a right of way along the lane. I know that this has been a serious problem since the passing of the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009. I heard that there